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Welcome to The Building Plot!

The Building Plot specialise in maximising property values on behalf of our clients.

We are a property & planning consultancy providing specialist advice and assistance with the development or change of use of land and buildings.

We have extensive experience of gaining planning permission on garden plots, large and minor residential development sites, brownfield sites etc. We also specialise in the ‘change of use’ of land and we have been successful in obtaining planning for holiday lodges, glamping pods etc.

Many houses stand in large garden plots, or benefit from adjoining land which offers potential to build additional properties within the curtilage of their homes.

We have successfully obtained planning which has resulted in our client’s property values increase by substantial amounts.

We handle the whole planning process dealing with the local planning authorities, architects, consultancy fees, service providers and all other parties involved.

At no time will we ask you to pay any fees until the plot has sold and you have received the funds from the sales process.

If we are not successful in gaining planing permission then no fees will be charged, making the whole procedure risk free to our clients!


The process couldn’t be simpler. We take care of all costs and matters relating to the planning application, including: 1) Architects; 2) The planning authorities; 3) Any necessary surveys such as topographical surveys, habitat surveys and tree surveys; 4) All other relevant bodies in the planning process such as enquiries regarding drainage, gas, electric and any other services.

Our experienced team will guide you throughout the whole planning process. This is how it works:

1. Free Appraisal
Want to know how much your land could be worth once full planning is obtained? Contact us to arrange a free, no – obligation appraisal.
2. Apply for planning permission
If you are happy with our terms and valuation, we will apply for planning permission on your behalf
3. We will advise you on the most effective way to sell your plot
Our fees are based on a percentage of the sale value; no sale, no fee! If we are not successful in gaining planning permission then no fees will be charged, making the whole procedure risk free to you!
4. Sale Agreed!
Nothing to pay until permission granted and sale proceeds received!